3 ply protection breathable mask

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of superior and durable 3 ply protection breathable mask in China since 2020. We are always committed to offering masks according to the requirement of people and their scenes. Even our customers would like us to assist them to choose the best breathable mask, we are glad to help them to choose the right one to protect themselves from all sorts of bacteria and viruses effectively.

At our 100,000-sq meter manufacture area, we are using only the machines that are designed with the most modern technologies to prepare our three-ply breathable masks. The production line of these masks mostly concludes automated uncoiling, feeding, straightening, cutting, and welding functions. This automatic manufacturing process enables us to produce as much as 500,000 pieces of three-layer masks in a day.

At our face mask business, we fabricate our 3 ply protection breathable mask by making use of different types of durable materials. This makes them offer the best filtration efficiency as well as performance to wearers to keep themselves safe against the newly emerged coronavirus as well as other kinds of microbes. Each layer of these masks offers a varying level of protection to users. Thus, users can rest guaranteed that they could get the best value for their hard-earned money.

At Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd, we always stick to the guideline for the administration of seeking continued existence with quality, tracking growth with effectiveness, expanding market with reliability. Thus, we are capable of offering a guarantee to provide our customers with good quality three-ply breathable masks at reasonable prices and earning the trust of our consumers. This aids us considerably in boosting the annual sales of our masks that are worthy of 80 million US dollars.

The 3 ply protection breathable mask of our Chinese business is not only intended for adults. They will also tender a perfect fit for kids, offering them the required protection during this tough time of COVID-19 pandemic. They are designed with a bounty of beneficial features to help them maintain their overall health easily and effectively. Some of these features include:

  1. These masks for kids are made of premium and safe-to-use materials. Therefore, they will not create any sort of side effects in their face, besides allowing them to inhale and exhale easily and safely.
  2. Each of our three-ply protection breathable kids’ masks comes with a malleable elastic ear band to offer them a comfortable fit.
  3. Our masks are perfect for daily activities of kids, such as outdoor games, outings, and moving around the town. They are designed to be extremely suitable and consistent for haze climate as well as sandy weather conditions. They can act as a strong fence and protect your children from harm.
  4. All our three-layer safety breathable masks for kids are made of filter paper, Ethylene-Propylene cloth, and Polypropylene Non Woven Spun-bond Fabric. Thus, these masks are capable of providing your kids with a perfect protection from the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus.
  5. As each of the layers of these masks is made up of 25 GSM materials, they will offer a lightweight feel to your children.
  6. They also come with an adaptable nose piece and elastic ear loop to offer them a perfect fit according to their wearing needs.

The main mission of our Chinese garment interlining company is to work hard to assist to create a smarter, safer, more secure, and sustainable earth. This mission aids us greatly in promoting secure, safe, as well as sustainable living environments for people. Our mission is also to support the manufacture and use of our products that are physically and ecologically safe as well as to apply our endeavors to stop or lessen the loss of the life of humans and their property.