CE kn95 manufacturer china

KN95 masks that carry a CE mark are renowned for their best performance, quality, and durability. This means that they will be capable of filtering minute airborne particles, smoke, droplets, etc., effectively. Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd has been considered the most trusted and reputed CE KN95 manufacturer china .

At our company, we offer KN95 respirator face masks at the wholesale price. They are usually made of competent and durable materials with five layers, among which two layers are exclusively used for filtration. With the filtration efficiency of more than 95%, our CE KN95 masks are designed to offer the greatest coverage to the mouth and nose of the wearers to provide them with effective breathing protection.

The economical, as well as the affordable design of our CE KN95 masks, offers users the best protection solution at the most affordable price. They have been prepared under strict quality standards and they undergo strict tests to ensure the prevention of airborne transmission and lessen the spread of droplets. This allows users to protect themselves from all sizes and types of air particles as well as bacteria and viruses. They have the highest filtration and protection efficiency to disallow the contact of even life-threatening viruses, such as coronavirus.

Unlike KN95 masks offered by other companies in China that are standard in quality, these masks offered by Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd are unique in quality. This means that, as our KN95 masks are duly certified by CE or European Conformity, each of them carries a CE mark. Thus, they will be capable of offering more benefits to wearers that those that come without the CE mark. Moreover, our masks are designed to offer the maximum filtering effect, with soft and skin-friendly fabrics. Thus , you can rest guaranteed that you will not only get a comfortable fit but also a safe fit. This means that your facial skin will not experience any sort of side effects, such as redness, irritation, and peeling.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd is the only garment interlining company in China with the biggest manufacturing facility of 100,000 square meters production area. Thus, we are capable of manufacturing as much as 500,000 pieces of CE KN95 masks per day with many technology- driven machines easily and effectively.

At our Chinese company, we take utmost care while manufacturing our 5-layer masks to offer 100% protection to wearers against dreadful viruses and air particles. The external layers of our masks are made up of durable protective non-woven material, which is a melt-blown, high efficient filter fabric. On the other hand, their inner layers are made of qualified skin-friendly and soft non-woven material to make wearers feel the maximum comfort and at the same time as allowing them to protect themselves from the contact of the disease-spreading bacteria and viruses. All these product features make our business the leading CE KN95 manufacturer china. This, in turn, allows us to reach the most incredible yearly sales of more than 80 million US Dollars easily.

As our KN95 face masks are CE certified they are genuine and made in line with industry standards. The five-ply foldable design of these masks has over 95% filtration efficiency of non-greasy suspended particles of size less than 0.3 microns. This unbelievable feature of our KN95 masks makes them perfect for everyday use. They aid users considerably in preventing the spread of microbes and protecting them from particles that are carried by air, pollutants, pollen and other allergens, and viruses, which cause the COVID-19 diseases, such as the coronavirus.

As CE KN95 manufacturer china, the mission of our company is to deliver medical supplies in the fastest turnaround time and at a much affordable price lower than that of the market. Our major goal is to level the curve and save the lives of people in and around China against the harmful effects of hazardous matter.