Whatever type of mask you are using for your ultimate protection from COVID-19 or any other infectious disease, it is better and safe to throw away it after every use, so the disposable 3-ply face mask in China is no exception. Masks will lose their elite features, such as durability and filtering efficiency after some washes.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd is a reputed garment interlining company in China. Our business is renowned for offering all types of masks, including the disposable 3-ply face mask in China, of the maximum filtering efficiency since 1996. Each layer of these masks is made up of durable material to offer a specific function. With the vast production area of ​​​​100,000 square meters as well as with the latest model machines and dedicated workers, we are manufacturing 500,000 numbers of disposable three-layer facemasks every day. This enables us to meet the increasing demands of these masks not only in China but also in the entire world.

The major goal of our Chinese garment interlining business is to help people not only in China but also throughout the world lead a healthier lifestyle during this tough time of COVID-19. That is why we are dedicated to manufacturing and delivering high-quality masks, which offer a perfect and comfortable fit for both old, as well as the young population, alike. Our mission, goals, and hard work enable us to reach the record annual sales of our products that are worthy of 80 million US Dollars.

The disposable 3-ply face mask in China offered by us would usually consist of an external layer that is made up of a hydrophobic non-woven material. The middle layer of our masks will be made from a melt-blown material and the innermost layer is prepared from a soft absorbent non-woven material. This may be of different colors, including blue, green, or white. The uniqueness of our disposable three-layer facemasks is that all these layers are made up of strong and durable materials to offer the best protection to users against harmful airborne particles, microbes, and viruses, including coronavirus.

The disposable 3-layer facemasks produced by Suzhou Zhonghe clothing accessories Co., Ltd. has reached a high level in the prevention of various viral diseases. This is for the reason that each layer of these masks is made up of durable melt-blown substance positioned between the non-woven materials. This will lessen the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

You may wonder how long you can use our disposable three-ply facemasks. You can wear them according to your protection needs, which mainly count on the time you are outside and meet people. This means that you can use them even for three days to get the best protection. Even if you are sick, you will be capable of still reusing our disposable three-layer face mask, provided you have not shared it with others.

The compromise in the medical field is that face masks may aid people greatly in preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The effectiveness of dissimilar face masks can differ. If you are likely to be in close proximity to others for a long period, then we strongly recommend you to wear our disposable 3-ply face mask in China . This is for the reason that it will not only protect you from the contact of the disease. It will also aid you as well as your family substantially in leading a disease-free life.