Kn95 protective face mask manufacturer china

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd has taken much effort in protecting people from the harmful effects of coronavirus since its outbreak. The dreadful virus first started in China and spread throughout the world early this year. As a leading KN95 protective face mask manufacturer China , we have committed to offering high quality and durable KN95 protective face masks at affordable prices to those who want to protect themselves from the COVID-19 disease.

Our face mask business has been at the forefront in the manufacturing of performance-focused protective devices since 2020. Therefore, we understand the worldwide panic of coronavirus pandemic and are committed to protecting people all over the world through our KN95 masks.

Under the current situation, many countries around the globe have seen consumers stockpiling, panic-buying N95 masks, and other respiratory masks from us. In spite of some of the healthcare professionals claim that healthy individuals do not require to wear facial masks to put themselves off from being affected by the coronavirus, the worldwide demand of KN95 masks of our business continues to rise considerably. This makes us the fastest growing KN95 mask manufacturer not only in China but also in the world. This is because of our dedication to excellence as well as the care we take on improving the health of the people.

At our Chinese face mask business, we make premium KN95 protective face masks, which are renowned for offering the greatest and most effective protection to wearers from all sorts of health hazards, including from breathing in aerosols as well as gases or vapors. Unlike ordinary surgical masks that only protect wearers against communicable droplets, such as drops of saliva or other emissions, our KN95 respiratory masks are capable of protecting the wearers resourcefully from breathing in micro infectious agents carried by the wind, as well, such as airborne germs, including SARS , coronavirus, and H1N1.

As a celebrated KN95 protective face mask manufacturer China since 2020, Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd is always dedicated to taking all required preventive measures to control the spread of the virus. Our main concern is quality, rather than quantity, meaning we always strive to protect people from external contaminants through our high-quality products. This attitude makes us produce durable KN95 masks with multiple layers to offer the required safety to wearers at all levels.

As an innovator in the industry, we also know that the global coronavirus eruption is expected to increase the demand as well as the manufacture of respirator masks considerably, particularly KN95 masks, around the world. By keeping this in mind, we have adequate numbers of such masks in stock to meet their increasing demands. Our effective planning as well as with a vast production area of ​​​​​​100,000 square meters, we are able to manufacture 500,000 pieces of disposable as well as reusable masks per day. Our dedication to quality as well as our effort has made us achieved an annual turnover of 30 million US Dollars.

The latest outbreaks of respiratory disease-based plague illnesses, such as COVID19, have boosted the demand for our KNN95 respirators amid many people as well as frontline healthcare staff, such as first responders, nurses, and medical practitioners. Our KN95 protective face masks are finding wide use in protecting all people, including healthcare personnel against job-associated hazards of exposure to communicable viruses and bacteria.

Although healthcare dogmatic authorities across the world have suggested that the use of KN95 respirators should be restricted to healthcare employees, many people are buying our KN95 masks, as well, to alleviate the risk of getting COVID-19 disease and preventing its spread.

When it comes to the local market, Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd has long been The fastest growing KN95 protective face mask manufacturer China in the world. We have made half the KN95 masks before the emergence of coronavirus. We have commenced a mobilization of wartime proportions to increase the output of our KN95 masks since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.