It can be usually puzzling to understand the difference between an N95 face mask and a KN95 mask with similar sounding names. Although both masks offered by Suzhou Zhonghe are great in their quality and durability with the same characteristics, our N95 face masks differ from other types of masks in some aspects.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd has been offering high-quality N95 face mask at affordable prices since 1966. With a 100,000 square meters manufacturing facility area, we produce N95 masks according to the manufacturing standards of the United States. This means that these respirator masks are high in quality and they have the best filtration efficiency. They are also produced with a bounty of beneficial features that most people in the world care about, particularly about the spread of coronavirus. Our dedication to excellence has made us achieved an incredible sales volume of 80 million USD per year.

All our N95 face masks are duly tested with the highest quality sodium chloride agent to get the maximum filtering efficiency of more than 95% and a flow rate of 85 liters per minute. They are designed to have a maximum inhalation resistance as well as exhalation resistance with the maximum pressure drop of less than 343 Pascal and 245 Pascal respectively. This means that when you use these masks, you will be getting multiple layers of protection, besides protecting yourself with all types of airborne pollutants of all sizes easily and effectively.

Additionally, we at Suzhou Zhonghe, prepare our N95 face masks with the exhalation valve leak rate of fewer than 30 milliliters per minute. As an innovator in the industry since 1996, we know that many users care more about what percentage of air particles the N95 masks can capture. On this metric, our N95 respirator masks are capable of capturing 95% of minute particles, to be exact, the particles of size 0.3 microns, as well as the smaller and bigger than the size of 0.3 microns.

Although the government of China does not need N95 face masks to run a mask fit test, we test our masks in several other ways to make sure their quality, performance, and durability. This makes our mask offer the best protection to wearers against the damaging effects of all sorts of air contaminants as well as from other harmful resources.

As N95 face masks need somewhat stricter necessities for pressure drop while inhaling and exhaling, we produce these masks to be slightly more breathable than other types of masks. The eruption of the coronavirus led to a gush in interest on the way to disinfect N95 masks. However, our N95 respirator masks can be easily disinfected, as they can be easily washed and reused.

Unlike the N95 masks offered by others that would usually lose their filtration efficiency, ours are highly durable that will make you wash them with the highest quality soap with clean water whenever you want. This is for the reason that they have been designed to withstand their quality, efficiency, and durability against all types of washing. This means that the effectiveness of your N95 masks will be maintained after many washes.

Moreover, you will be getting these premium and performance-oriented masks at the most affordable price from us. Thus, you will not only capable of protecting yourself from all kinds of viruses easily and effectively. You will also be capable of meeting your protection needs in an affordable way.

During times of panic about the COVID-19 disease, everyone wants to take protective measures to maintain the effectiveness of their masks, so you are no exception. All you need to disinfect our N95 face masks is to dry them to kill viruses. Our respiratory masks are that much simple to maintain. As our masks are durable in construction, they will destroy the viruses at the quickest possible time, usually within 4 hours.

Call Suzhou Zhonghe whenever you need a quality, durable, efficient, and affordable N95 face mask to protect yourself effectively from the spread of all types of viruses and all and sizes of particles.