Non medical disposable face mask

After the outbreak of COVID-19, all worldwide countries recommend their citizens to wear some type of cloth mask to cover their face in public to avoid the contact of the coronavirus. This makes people search for a high quality, durable, and performance-centered non medical disposable face mask to protect themselves from the transmission of the viruses.

The good news is that the fashion designers as well as apparel companies have grown to the occasion and are manufacturing masks for general use. On the other hand, the bad news is that these masks are in such great demand that if you order one at present , it could be some weeks before it reaches your doorstep.

During this tough time, Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd is glad to inform those people that we have been supplying those masks at the best prices since 2020. They can get their mask on any day at any time from us because we are maintaining a huge stock of these masks throughout the year. We made it possible because we are manufacturing about 500,000 pieces of all types of disposable face masks every day, offering any number of masks to consumers according to their needs.

With a team of dedicated workers as well as with a vast production area of ​​100,000 square meters, we are capable of achieving our daily target effortlessly and quickly. The major goal of our garment interlining company is to save people from the harmful effects of various airborne contaminants, bacteria, and viruses when they move in the public area.

Our non medical disposable face mask can be worn by anyone, whether that anyone is a kid, youth, or aged, who wants to protect him or her from the coronavirus as well as from other dreadful diseases. These masks have been designed to have the maximum filtering efficiency, besides offering a comfortable fit to wearers. With an affordable price, long-lasting feature, and light in weight, our disposable face masks will not only offer the required convenience to users. They will also work resourcefully to allow them to maintain their overall health easily, effectively, and affordably.

At Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd, we produce our disposable face mask with greater versatility. This means that you can wear our masks confidently in a variety of settings, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, as well as in other places where you are exposed to huge crowds. These are the places, as well, where it is hard to keep yourself away from meeting your friends and other related people.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd manufactures and supplies single-use nonmedical masks not only to the public. Our masks are used largely by many hospitals and healthcare providers, as well, not only in China, but they are also used throughout the world .

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States duly approves all products of our garment interlining business. Our company passed the global quality management system certification, and it manufactures its entire products according to the European standards, so our nonmedical disposable facemasks are no poles apart . Thus, we are committed to offering various regulated protective devices, including STK01, STK9501 built-in nose bridge (KN95 masks), and External STK9501 built-in nose bridge (KN95 masks).

The move towards a non medical disposable face mask in developed countries is one of the chief respiratory mask market drifts. This will further affect the market growth, but our disposable masks will eradicate the necessity for product sterilization and they will reduce cross-pollution with other reusable products. They are cost-effective, as well, and they will put contamination off and lessen hospital stay.