With the outbreak of COVID-19, a non medical face mask in China happens to be one of the most essential items in the lives of the people of the country. Thus, these masks are selling out everywhere in the nation, making garment businesses to attain record sales in the history of their company.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Ltd is one such garment interlining big business in China. We have been offering all types of premium non-medical facemasks at the best prices since 2020. While most companies in the country are running out of the stock of their masks because of their high sales potential, we always keep an adequate amount of these masks for immediate delivery. This is for the reason that we are capable of manufacturing our nonmedical facemasks at the rate of 500,000 pieces per day. This allows us to meet the rising demands for those masks effectively and quickly. This, in turn, allows us to make the Chinese citizens lead a healthy life during this difficult time of the emergence of the novel coronavirus.

The spread of coronavirus as well as the jeopardy of COVID-19 has kept entire Chinese population indoors for months. However, irrespective of the best efforts of people to stay in their home, their life still needs venturing out for some definite essentials, such as refilling prescriptions, buying groceries, and even just acquiring a gasp of fresh air. For these outings, the social welfare department of the government of China has issued a proposal to wear a non medical face mask in China as well as to keep a six- foot distance from other people when outside.

The nonmedical facemasks of our business are designed in such a way that they have the highest filtering efficiency in addition to offering a comfortable fit to users, whether the user is a man or woman and old or young. They act resourcefully to reduce the hazard of asymptomatic carriers that are spreading a variety of diseases, including the COVID-19 disease, further. They are designed to wrap perfectly around your face to offer the best protection against all sorts and sizes of harmful particles carried by the wind, bacteria, and viruses . They are also versatile in design, which makes you wear them both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to inhale the fresh and uncontaminated air.

Since the Chinese government made its recommendation, non-medical facemasks have turned out to be difficult to acquire. Designers as well as brands that have pivoted the production of these masks are finding their provisions rapidly bought out by customers keen to defend themselves and those near to them.

There are bounties of reasons that make our nonmedical facemasks happens to be the most sought-after protective device amid people in China. The primary reason is that they are made of durable materials, meaning they can offer the best performance to wearers. Another notable reason is their function, which means that they have been designed with a pollutant and virus filtering efficiency of more than 95%. They are also capable of filtering harmful air particles that are much fewer than 0.3 microns in size and those even less than that.

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